So there I was, on my own with plans to get out on the bike somewhat thwarted by heavy rain showers, and very much at a loose end.  So I took it upon myself to tidy up this website.

I’ve checked over the menu links, which now all seem to be properly functional.  I deleted some that were merely hangovers from a prior incarnation.  A few new menu items were added.

In the Main Menu:

  • Recently Played Music – now links to a page with information from my Last.FM page, in turn derived from audioscrobbling from my Squeezebox (so it doesn’t include CDs and LPs that I play, not anything I listen to on the iPod
  • Books from my Library – links to a widget from LibraryThing that scans through my library 25 books at a time, randomly selected.  This replaces a sidebar module that used to show books currently being read, but which was usually out of date.
  • About flies&bikes – explains abit about the websites I maintain.

In the Research menu:

  • Recent Publications – properly integrates a feed from an institutional publication repository.
  • Why Study fruit flies? – link now works!

In the Cycling Menu:

  • Links tidied up to point to a new browser window/tab.
  • Added link to the Team Grumpy website.

This may all seem rather insignificant, but it’s not only a job that I’ve been putting off, but some of the pages were quite a fiddle to set up.  In particular embedding the and LibraryThing widgets required Jumi modules to be embedded in Joomla! articles.