Dave Jones sent me some photos from this weekend’s excessive time trial activity. First off, a picture taken at the API-Metrow ’25’, presumably at the turn.

At the turn of the API-Metrow '25', on the E2/25

I was pretty pleased with my 55:43 in that ’25’, though a little worried that it might impact on my ride in the following day’s ‘100’, organised by the North Middlesex & Herts CA.  On the day, however, the wind presented a bigger challenge that the previous day’s racing.  Here are a couple of photos from early in the event.

Riding in the NH&H CA '100', on the F1/100

The hump on my back is the Camelbak drinks reservoir.  Actually in itself it was quite comfortable, though it forced my head down because of the shape of my aero helmet.  Hence I’m grimacing.  Well, that’s my story, anyway.  Here’s a side view.

Riding the NM&H CA '100'

You can clearly see the problem with the Camelbak hump and my helmet.  More than 24h after the event, my neck’s still stiff.  Next time I’ll choose a different helmet.