This was the first of two events planned for this weekend: tomorrow I plan to ride the North Middlesex & Herts CA ‘100’ on the F1.  Well, we’ll see how that goes, with only about 13h separating the two events!This 25 mile time trial was held over on the E2/25 near Newmarket, where earlier this season I’d knocked out a couple of 55 minute rides.  Today, Tony and I were pretty apprehensive as there was a very strong and gusty wind with occasional showers.  What’s more, the wind promised to make the outward leg rather difficult.

And so it proved. I found myself pushing along at a surprisingly slow speed, that correlated with low HR (I think my chest strap was playing up a bit), at least initially.  There were of course some faster downhill sections, but all things considered, the outward leg was slow, and indeed I wasn’t really pushing it too hard – in the back of my mind were thoughts of tomorrow’s ‘100’.

Things changed once round the turn, when I could feel the full benefit of the tail wind, and thoughts returned to trying for a decent time.  Indeed, by the time I was passed by #95 with about 4.5 miles to go, I found myself cruising well in excess of 30mph.  I crossed the line in 55:43, my third 55 of the season.  It left me wishing I’d put a bit more effort in!  But we’ll have to see what tomorrow’s like for the ‘100’.  Tony finished with 54:40 and Geoff with 57:50, results we were all quite pleased with.

Actually, once the race was over, my legs felt reasonably OK, so I’m quite optimistic about the bigger event.