Perusing the UK Governments web consultation on the repeal of unnecessary legislation, I came across this one – Repeal the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics — HMG – Your Freedom.  Woohoo!  Just for posterity, the proposer ays:

The second law of thermodynamics has been responsible for the decline in order everywhere since it was passed by the 19th century Kelvin-Planck coalition. It is high time we abolished this antiquated law and took the steps reduce the massive entropy deficit left by decades of inefficiency. This would, in a single stroke, deal with the world energy crisis and start to increase the amount of work available for British citizens, in an efficient cyclical process.

Well, at least it stands out among the more dull but worthy suggestions, and the reactionary suggestions.  And I have to say that I broadly concur with Big Brother Watch’s list of ten suggested repeals.