As reported over the last few days (Cyclist Alejandro Valverde banned two years for doping –; Valverde suspended for two years world-wide, keeps results –, Alejandro Valverde, aka Valv. (Piti) has been banned for two years effective 1/1/10 over the Operacion Puerto blood doping affair.  Not before time.  As I’ve said before, the ridiculous length of time it’s taken to deal with the fallout of the Fuentes blood-doping ring has been bad for justice, not just for those who have been punished, and for those accused (mistakenly or otherwise) but for the non-dopers whose careers will have been affected by those who’ve doped.

Of course, the Valverde supporters are now out.  Valverde’s team mate Guitierrez has written an open letter (see Gutiérrez responds to Valverde ban – in which it would seem he takes the usual head in the sand approach to doping issues.  Let’s not forget, there’s DNA evidence that the blood bags labelled Valv. (Piti) did contain Valverde’s blood.

The bigger injustice is that the remaining cyclists involved in the Fuentes blood doping ring have not so far been punished.  And that other sports seem to have gone silent.