One of the three riders named as having suspicious blood parameters is making an unusual defence claim (Rosendo’s Blood Readings Due To Haemorrhoids? | Jesús Rosendo Prado has been suspended by his team, but the claim has now been made that there was an observed increase in oxygen transference between May 19, 2008, and September 27, 2009.

Now, despite being a biologist, I’m not really clear what the UCI mean by “increase in oxygen transference”, but Rosendo’s team have fired back the defence that oddities in reticulocyte (immature red blood cells) and lowered haemoglobin and haematocrit levels were due to haemorrhoids.

Blimey, one would have thought that not only would that volume of blood loss be awkward for a cyclist, but you’d expect a performance hit!  Poor bloke, having his troublesome haemorrhoids splashed about the interweb.