This evening’s event was scheduled to be run on the 11.4 mile Stony Stratford course.  In the end we used a backup course due to roadworks and traffic lights in Nash: a 9.4 mile circuit running from Stony Stratford through Beachampton to Nash, where we took the left turn to Whaddon and back to Stony Stratford via Calverton (see map below).  I rode a small section of this course en route to sign on, and it didn’t enthuse me particularly: the road surface was gravelly, rough, potholed, and the road twisted around a lot. 

One or two of the riders had ridden this course earlier in the week in the TeamMK event on Monday, and had some experience.  This was good for them, but the did keep telling alarming tales of the course – horror stories of gradients and potholes!  In the event, it wasn’t too bad, but rather tough!  It was a nice warm evening, but rather breezy.  Unlike our usual Stony 11.4 mile course, there isn’t a flat section to get the rider started: instead it’s straight into the lumpy section of the course.  And this bit had something of a headwind!  It was rather depressing to see how the various potholes and defective road surface have still not been dealt with – the ravages of the winter haven’t helped!  The course was familiar until the Nash crossroad, where it turned left to Whaddon.  In fact as far as Whaddon, the road surface wasn’t too bad, it was just that the road was kind of lumpy, which a brief climb up to Whaddon for the left turn.  From Whaddon there’s a long fast straight section.  Fast, that is, as long as you stayed well into the road and away from the dodgy surface!

Then another short, sharp climb and we were on the really rough bit, with gravel and tight turns as we raced towards Calverton.  The finish came as something as a surprise -I’d thought it was a bit further down the road.  Nevertheless, I was quite pleased with my 24:32 – if we need to use the course on our next visit to Stony Sratford, I’d hope to go that little quicker through familiarity with the course.  Congatulations to Lindz for taking the honours (and keeping the “grudge match” going!  I’m already looking forward to next week’s event on the Stoke Hammond course (which is an inter-club event with the A5 Rangers and League Round 3).


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Pos. on
Pos No Name Club Time Cat Vets Std .+ / – Vets Std

1 6 Lindz Barral i-team.CC 24.25 S
2 7 Robert Saunders NBRC 24.32 V50 26.10 .+ 1.38 1
3 15 Daniel Crawley Crest Ilford CC 24.34 S
4 10 Chris Dunwoodie TeamMK 24.41 S
5 16 Phil Jenkins TeamMK 25.08 V41 24.25 .- 0.43 4
6 14 John Buchanan TeamMK 25.29 V40 24.14 .- 1.15 6
7 3 Leigh Smith Alpha Road club 25.41 S
8 4 Brian Primett NBRC 25.49 V43 24.48 .-1.01 5
9 11 Matt Wootton TeamMK 26.10 S
10 13 Rob Chaundy TeamMK 26.30 V58 27.52 .+ 1.22 2
11 1 Alan Lawson NBRC 29.58 V41 24.25 .- 5.33 7
12 2 Gordon Batcock NBRC 30.13 V69 30.24 .+ 0.11 3
13 5 Tony Brunton NBRC 30.47 V45 25.11 .- 5.36 8
14 12 Russell Phillips TeamMK 32.38 S
8 David Skeggs NBRC DNF V41
9 Chris Selley NBRC DNF V41