So, the latest investigatin of an organised doping ring (Virú Investigation Turns Up Kelme Documents – appears to be turning up evidence that accusations of systematic doping were suppressed.

Wind back the clock a few years to 2004, and we find Kelme rider Jesús Manzano (who I recall collapsed from side effects of doping practices) made accusations of systematic doping in the Kelme team.  I don’t however remember any significant action being taken.  Cyclingnews reports that

According to Tuesday’s edition of Spanish sports daily AS, among the papers found during a search of a Valencia clinic run by ex-Kelme doctor Walter Virú were records of doping plans and treatments. AS indicates that some of the plans could have been drawn up for riders who are still competing.
AS claims that these plans are exactly the same as those that former Kelme rider Jesús Manzano showed to the Spanish cycling federation and police investigators back in 2004 when Manzano alleged systematic doping had taken place within that team.

Even better is the secretive system of using code words to denote different doping substances.  My goodness these doping clinics do seem to fancy themselves as being in some kind of James Bond business.  I just worry that someone, somewhere will give them a licence to kill.

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