Google’s Chrome browser is now out in beta for Linux (Google Chrome for Linux).  Installation on Ubuntu Karmic 32 bit is straightforward, and the app launches quickly.  Only been running it for a short while, but so far, I’ve noticed:

1 – The default Chrome window doesn’t obey my normal window management.  So the title bar is different, and the behaviour also differs (I have my windows set to roll up when the title bar is double clicked – in Chrome double clicking maximises the window).  However, the options in Chrome are easily accessed, and it’s obvious there how to set Chrome’s appearance to that of the rest of my desktop.

2 – On first run, Chrome offers to import data from Firefox –  this seems to be effective and quick.  Bookmarks seem to be moved effectively.

3 – Been quickly looking through Chrome extensions, and installed a couple.  As an inveterate Firefox extension user, I would miss quite a few of my favourite extensions, including this one, ScribeFire, which I use for blogging to a variety of blogging platforms (Joomla, WordPress and Blogspot).  There’s a neat-looking  Chrome extension for Blogger, which will bear investigationure the number of extensions will grow rapidly.

I’m looking forward to using Chrome…it’s too early to say whether I’ll make a major shift to using it.  At the very least having it is essential for website development.

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