The website Christian Concern for our Nation takes up their cudgels to stand up for a sacked housing officer Justice for Duke Campaign. In common with many religious sites, there doesn’t appear to be a comment feature for curmudgeonly atheists such as I to respond. Any road, the article describes how

Bible-believing Christian Duke Amachree, married and father of 3 children who had served Wandsworth Council as a Homelessness Prevention Officer diligently for 18 years, was dismissed in circumstances Christians and non-Christians alike across the country rightly view as completely outrageous.

Well this non-Christian (actually atheist) doesn’t find it completely outrageous, at least based on the evidence presented by CCfoN.

In January of this year, Duke was helping a client with her housing situation. The client had seen various doctors who had told her that she had an incurable medical condition. Out of compassion for her, Duke commented that sometimes the doctors don’t know everything –and encouraged her to consider putting her faith in God.

The client went on to complain to Amachree’s managers, who then fired him. CCfoN are organising a Petition, Campaign, special website and Candlelight Vigil 15 December 2009 in support of this individual, who, in their capacity as a housing officer, advised a seriously ill client that she should put her faith in his Invisible Magic Friend rather than her doctors.

I say (on the basis on this information provided by CCfoN), Wandsworth Council did the right thing.  I’d be interested to hear what medical qualifications Mr Amachree possesses.  Other than superstitious beliefs.  I can well believe Mr Amachree may have believed he was doing his best for this client, but he clearly overstepped the mark.

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