I figured I’d better make sure my own house was in order if I was going to blog about web tracking!  I’ve reviewed my websites and blogs, and find the following.

Flies & Bikes (this website) – Ghostery doesn’t reveal any trackers.  Joomla sites do, I think use cookies however.

North Bucks Road Club, Northwood Wheelers and Team Grumpy as for Flies & Bikes, no apparent tracking.

Wonderful Life – this is a WordPress blog.  I identified a few trackers, as follows:

Ghostery identifies the following running on Wonderful Life:
Quantcast – this is associated with the IntenseDebate commenting plugin.  Blocking this tracker with Ghostery doesn’t appear to affect the functionality of IntenseDebate.
– This is associated with the MyBlogLog widget in the main page.
Google Analytics
– Possibly the most widely used tracker on the web.  I kind of figure that anyone using the web will encounter sites using Google Analytics. 

The Team Grumpy Blog – a Google Blogger hosted site, naturally has a Google-related script running, with two others:

Google Friend Connect Seems to enable connections between blog-readers. – Collects data on visitor numbers.
MyBlogLog – as above, associated with a MyBlogLog widget.
Stat Counter
– associated with counting site visits.

I advise Firefox users to download Ghostery, a plugin which identifies tracking scripts running on a website.  It provides links to further information on those scripts, the vendors’ privacy policy, and offers the option to block these scripts.  Noscript is a powerful Firefox plugin that allows blocking of a wide variety of scripts (and is particularly aimed at blocking malicious scripts).