Here are a couple of other video segments, taken from the roadside at the 2008 Duo Normand.  Both videos were taken with a pretty basic 5Mp Kodak camera by Carol (who in 2009 had to drive the support car), and both clips are mercifully short, compared to the 2009 feature film. The first clip shows us leaving the start ramp, and climbing up the little lane at the start of the race.


It’s actually quite an interesting start, technically speaking, especially as there is usually quite a crowd watching – not the best situation for an up-cock such as bumping into each other or falling off the start ramp itself.  Anyway, we didn’t have any problems.  The second clip shows us hurtling towards and across the finish line.


We usually cross the line in excess of 40mph, which is usually quite exciting, given that there’s an abrupt right turn very soon afterwards!  In 2008, we rode in the Corporate category, coming second, as we did again this year.