First thing after breakfast, Team Grumpy rode the training circuit once more, slightly faster this time. (15.5 miles).

After second breakfast, Carol and I rode the tandem over to the coast.  We took unmarked roads from the house, and eventually ended up at Hautville Plage as we did last year.  And again, as last yeat we had moules and frites and a beer, in the same restaurant.  We then rode over to Regneville to visit a castle.  Very much in ruins, to the point that it seemed pretty improbable that they could actually stay up.  Nevertheless, the ruins were spectacular.  After a map consultation, we saw direction signs to a set of limekilns.  We’d seen these on one of the Cicuit Thierry Marie placards near our house, and had thought they were fortifications.  These turned out to be four huge furnaces for making lime for agricultural use.  There was a big exhibition, though mostly in french, after which we wandered around the kilns.  There were audio tour points around the site, all with a English option.

From there it was a fairly straightforward ride back to house, despite the usual idiosyncratic signposting on the minor roads.  The was  quite hard due to the continued strong wind, and we had one brief shower near St Martin de Cenilly
40.78 miles

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