A few weeks ago Tony persuaded me to enter the API/Metrow ’25’ on the E2/25 near Newmarket.  I bunged off an entry and unfortunately ended up in the opposite end of the start sheet from Tony, which would have meant a fair bit of hanging around for both of us.  On the day, it was really quite blustery, with a what we expected to be a strong headwind out to the turn.

We set off in good time, arriving in Newmarket with well over an hour to go before Tony’s start time.   Here, our problems began.  Trying to follow the directions to the race HQ given on the start sheet proved completely impossible.  There was a total absence of riders milling about (usually a sure guide to where a race HQ is), which didn’t help.  After cruising around Newmarket for a bit, Tony only had about 20 minutes to go before his scheduled start, so we drove off to the start to see what was there.  Lo and behold, some people on the start line, and down a nearby lane, some cars with riders warming up on turbos.  We stopped to ask these riders where the HQ was – turned out the start sheet was woefully inadequate.

By this time, we were fed up, particularly Tony, who’d effectively missed his start.  Coupled with my apprehension about the course – I was more than a little unhappy about what I saw of the course on the way to Newmarket, particularly after the Icknield RC ’25’ in May when a rider was killed on the F1/25 – we decided to call it a day and return home.

So much for that.  Tomorrow I’m off to help at the North Middlesex & Herts ‘100’ on a new version of the F1/100, with a start time of 5.10am (!) for the first rider.