My MP, Nadine Dorries, has been at the receiving end of accusations from the Daily Telegraph that she too has been on the expenses take (My MP gets “expenses” letter from the DailyTelegraph).  Now, I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Nadine, despite her political belief being approximately the polar opposite of mine, that her parliamentary activities being pretty appalling.  I guess that’s because she’s always taken the time to respond to my letters and emails.  Well, except for the one pointing out that she really shouldn’t be supporting homeopathic hospitals – particularly as the chucks around her past like as a nurse.  I also found her slightly juvenile blog articles quite appealing.  Valdemar Squelch, commenting on an article at Heresy Corner quite shrewdly observed:

Her whingeing, self-righteous style would be almost acceptable if she were 14, had just painted her bedroom black, and had been told by her parents that they’re not going to buy her and her friend Clovinda tickets to a death metal concert.

The article discusses claims that her party leadership had requested she do away with her blog.  Seems like that’s happened, as attempts to access now return a 404 error.  Shame, I quite liked reading the frothing at the mouth commenters (the suspicion being that comments she didn’t like got deleted!).