Over at the Team Grumpy website, I’ve posted an article on the UCI bike regulations and how they relate to the design of time trial bikes.  At the weekend, I’ll measure up my bikes to see how they fare – I expect both to need adjusting to fit the criteria, but the dreadful 1:3 rule probably rules out the handlebars on both bikes, also the front fork and seat pin on the Cougar.  Of course the main reason for this is the suggestion mooted a month or so ago on the timetrialling forum that the Duo Normand would be enforcing UCI regulation in all categories (not just the elite categories).  Whether these rumours have foundation, I don’t yet know.  I suppose that formally time trials in Scotland, which are run by the BC-affiliated (and therefore UCI-affiliated) Scottish Cycling Union, ought to enforce these rules, as should the BC-CTT jointly run British Time Trial Championship.