During the Beijing Olympics, I kept a tally of positive dope tests (mostly interesting from the horses that were positive – for capsaicin, as I recall).  You may recall that at the end of the Olympics, it was announced that all the samples would be re-tested for the then-new EPO derivative, CERA.

It seems the test results are now filtering out.  Cycling news.com reports that:

[…] two cyclists, three track and field athletes and one weightlifter are the six Olympians who the International Olympic Committee said tested positive for the EPO variant CERA. 

The identitiy of one of the cyclists is known: Davide Rebellin, who took silver in the Olympic road race.  The other isn’t yet know, but some hints suggest it could be Stefan Schimacher, who tested positive for CERA in the Tour de France.  Of the newly identified dopers, two were said to be medal winners (one of whom would be Rebellin, the other a track and field athlete who won a gold.  Apparently "seven samples of 847 total tested from the Olympic Games turned up positive for CERA. Two of the positives were from the same athlete".

Rebellin was of course a teammate of Schumacher and Piepoli (both identidied as CERA cheats after the Tour de France last year).  Whether the common team is significant, I don’t know, though Gerolsteiner is no more.