So, after contributors to the forum posted publicly available information that incuded Kent Ertegrul’s phone number, legal threats were made (Shoe on the other foot).  Presumably is a big enough thorn in Phorm’s side that they decided to have go at them.

As usual in such matters, it’s spurred the indefatigable band of anti-Phorm activists on to deeper investigations.  Read for example this contribution to the Trouble at Mill thread at the forum.  The author provides many supporting internet links.

It astonishes me that a respectable company such as British Telecom would get mixed up with a company run by someone like Kent Ertegrul, particularly in an endeavour which intrudes deeply in people’s private internet activity.  Recent pronouncements from BT give the impression that they are cooling on the BT-Phorm tie-up.  Let’s hope these impressions turn out to be true, and that BT have decided that working with a company with known links to spyware, and with antecedent companies that distributed spyware software makes little business sense.