For the last few seasons, my availability for training has declined steadily.  This, coupled with the passing years, means that each year when I start reviewing past performances for completing CTT entry forms for the coming season, I find it a little depressing.  This season is no exception.

But at least the Cycling Time Trials website back again after yet another SQL injection attack, this time using a different platform.  Hopefully this’ll be more secure.  Actually, I think it would look a lot better without all the flashing, moving adverts, but perhaps that’s just me being a grumpy old man (and anyway, as a Firefox user, I can always use the AdBlock plug-in).

I am not sure how complete the results database there is, or whether it got at all crocked in the hack/rebuild cycle, but here is a link to may results over the last few years, which tells a sorry tale of decline!