It’s a few days now since Clifford Longley’s supposed complaint to the ASA was released on the internet via the wonders of blogging (for example search Google for the string "According to growing numbers of scientists, the laws and constants of nature are so").

I did just that search, along with a few others to see whether Clifford Longley had indeed made that complaint to the ASA with the plagiarised text.  (See my post Rebutting Clifford Longley), and I’m unable to see any  evidence that (a) the complaint has been made and (b) that it is anything to do with Clifford Longley.

It seems quite likely to be an enormously successful hoax aimed either at rousing a bunch of religious types to object to the atheist bus* or (with my tinfoil hat on) at raising awareness of the advert campaign.

 Mmm…time will tell.

* A graduate student points out that the text of the advert is more agnostic than atheist, but I’ve stuck with the atheist label as that’s what it’s commonly referred to.  But point taken.