The Register reports that a senior Vodafone network architect has be recruited by the Home Secretary to draw up proposals for the Interception Modernisation Program (IMP).

Tim Hayward, erstwhile senior programme manager at the UK’s second largest mobile operator, was appointed IMP director in August. While at Vodafone he was responsible for 3G network architecture, according to careers information posted on the web.

The article goes on to claim their sources say that Vodafone and BT have signed on for a £1bn pilot project.  Yet another reason to leave BT (and I am glad I have done so), and now a reason not to renew my Vodafone 3G Broadband contract when it’s up for renewal.

Might this not represent the real reason why BT continue to push the whole Webwise agenda, and why BERR and the ICO fail to act over the entire Phorm aphair?

The whole absurd idea may not die with the present government: apparently intelligence chiefs have been hawking this idea for eight years.