Today I received this email from a moderator on the BT Broadband forums:

Your recent posts titled: “Re: Internet Radio Bandwidth usage?” and “Re: How do I delete my account?” have been removed as they contravene with the Forum Guidelines.

Discussions about moderator decisions and about Webwise (whether this product is mentioned directly or indirectly) are off-topic.

Stay on topic
The BT Broadband Support Community is intended for the discussion of issues related to BT Broadband and to assist users in making use of their broadband connection. Please do not post material about competing services and products from other providers.

Respect the moderators
Please do not discuss or argue with any moderator decisions, i.e posts being deleted, threads being locked and users being warned or banned, on the forums. Posts of this nature will be deleted.

The Forum Guidelines are available at:

If you require a clarification on decisions moderators have taken on your posts, please use this email address to get in touch with us about it.

Kind regards,


BT Forum Moderator

Forgive me if I confess to not respecting the moderators!

What’s really cute it that I didn’t mention Phorm or Webwise (I used some words like “The system that I am not allowed to mention”), or another ISP (“another ISP that I am not allowed to discuss”).  Ironically, I’d flagged one of these posts as ***Joke***, and said that a poster might be able to delete his account by mentioning “The system that I am not allowed to mention”, and pointing out I was unable to tell the OP what to say, as it would be deleted.

Idiocy on the part of the BT moderators, I suggest.  Still, I guess they are just doing what they are told – the suppression of discussion of a serious commercial cockup on BT’s part, and a vile and intrusive deep packet inspection system devised by former spyware merchants Phorm.

Also in the media today:  Phorm ditch four directors, appoint replacements, rumours of serious ructions on the board.  Full links to the media at the forum.