I have installed the AntiPhorm plugin.  This conducts two checks – firstly to identify if you are using BT-Webwise (by checking cookies), and secondly to check if you are using BT or one of the other ISPs who have publicly stated they are planning to implement the Phorm system.  If either of these two conditions are met, you will see a warning banner beneath the web page header.  You can carry on browsing the site.

If you see the warning banner, please take the time to visit the link for more information about Phorm, and its intrusive (and probably illegal) deep packet inspection by which your internet habits will be monitored in order to sendyou targeted advertising. The Phorm system is branded BT-Webwise when implemented via British Telecom.  Some points:

  • BT-Webwise intercepts your internet communications – likely to be illegal under RIPA
  • The system is “opt-out” rather than “opt-in”, so you will be enrolledif you don’t respond to the invitation to join.  This disregards legal requirements
  • Even when opted out, your internet browsing will be passed through Phorm’s profiling equipment
  • Email read through web applications is likely to be profiled
  • The system disregards website copyright
My advice is to vote with your feet – request a MAC code, and find a new, Phorm-free ISP.
Further Reading
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