A group of contributors to the nodpi.org website braved the vile elements in Manchester to hand out leaflets outside the “Privacy by Design” meeting, to highlight issues surrounding the vile Phorm and BT’s implementation BT Webwise.  Here is their report.

More information on this conference:


Press release

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The BT Total censorship in which all mention of Phorm or BT Webwise is expunged from their phorums and posters banned continues apace.  You even get banned for mentioning Irish webwise sites and the BBC WebWise website that is aimed a promoting good web skills and sense to children.  The Striesand effect engendered by this effort has continued.  See this thread for updates.

The Register reports on the CPS and Phorm: Prosecutors gather evidence on secret BT-Phorm trials

ISPReview reports on the Privacy by Design meeting and another, entitled ‘Behavioural Targeting: the Fire and the Fury’.  From the ISPReview article:

Q1 – Would you Opt In to Phorm if it meant your Broadband was free?
– Around 50% said Yes.
Q2 – Would you Opt In to Phorm on the currently proposed terms?
– Only 5 people (less than 10%) said Yes. 

The British Computer Society has a comment: BT Behaviour ‘bad Phorm’