One week on, and I’ve got to grips a bit more with the iPod Touch. 

  • I don’t like iTunes!  (but perhaps I will ge used to it)  It doesn’t seem terribly intuitive to me.
  • My digital music files live on a Linux box upstairs, and I stream them to the hifi via a Logitech Squeezebox.  As I reported in the last iPod post, I was able to access these files for use with iTunes using Firefly, but this wouldn’t let my sync them to the iPod.  Samba wasn’t a bundle of use either.
  • Disk space being limited due to the small partition used for Windows XP on the only machine available for iTunes, I resorted to making copies to a portable hard drive, this worked pretty well.
  • Why can’t Apple make a Linux version of iTunes?
  • iTunes could only identify cover art for a very small proportion of my mp3s.  This is probably more a reflection of my musical taste, however!
  • To be honest, I don’t find browing the album covers an efficient way of locating an album when thereis over 29Gb of music files on the device!
  • Having access to the MS Exchange mail/calendar is very useful
  • My grown up sized finger tips are a bit on the large size for accurate tapping on the screen keyboard!

Perhaps I should look into jailbreaking this iPod so I can just use the Linux box for transferring files…