Some recent developments regarding the obnoxious Phorm:

The Telco 2.0 conference feature discussions from the CEO of a web marketing company.   Because the meeting was held under Chatham House rules, individuals and companies could not be named.  However, it’s a reasonable assumption this was someone from Phorm.  The Register reports.

Virgin Media appear to be having second thoughts about Phorm.  Or maybe third thoughts.  They do seem to be uncertain what their position is.

Orange too have no plans to use Phorm.  But of course don’t rule out using othe, similar, systems.

The BT’s Broadband support fora seem to be continuing in their ghettoisation of Webwise discussion – all posts mentioning Webwise get consigned to a dustbin thread where no BT people ever respond to questions.  Curiously BT Business subscribers wishing to enquire what the effects snooping their customer’s browsing habits and sending them to competitor’s websites might have get sent off to the Webwise thread dustbin where no official answers will ever be made to their questions – check this post and sequelae.

A handful of participants in the current BT-Phorm data pimping trial have surfaced.  This guy has all sorts of hassles, and he never even got asked if he wanted to be part of the trial.

BT owned ISP PlusNet customers have been presented with the BT Webwise invitation page, which they shouldn’t have been.  Apparently this was more than the one-off originally explained as an aberration – 250 or so have been so affected.