The BBC reports that measures to prevent undesirables gaining access to the UK are to be strengthened, under measures to be introduced by our not-so-libertarian Home Secretary.

At least the plan is to announce who’s on the the list of over 230 individuals considered to be a threat to the UK.   The measures  are as follows:

To create a presumption in favour of exclusion for people who have engaged in fostering, encouraging or spreading extremism and hatred (but what level of proof is required for a government that regards 42 day detention without charge to be a laudable aim?)

To put the burden of proof on individuals to show they have renounced previous extremist views (and here we have a presumption of guilt, don’t we)

To allow for the exclusion of nationals from the European Economic Area before they travel to the UK (…mmm, interesting, presumably this needs her to get the rest of Europe on board)

To increase co-operation with other agencies to improve the evidence base underpinning exclusions (which other agencies?)

To allow for the “naming and shaming” of excluded people (Well, at least we’ll know who they are!)

Ms Smith said it would now be up to the individual concerned to prove they would not “stir up tension” in the UK. 

Not content with pushing for 42 day detention without charge (fortunately ditched by the Lords) and not content with proposing highly invasive communications snooping, Jacqui Smith has now proposed that people the Government deems a threat or undesirable wil now need to prove they won’t “stir up tension”.  This is a bit odd.  Firstly, these individuals need to prove their innocence, but furthermore they need to prove their innocence of future behaviour!

Check this site out for a description of three phases of extremist tactics.  It’s a little concerning that my website is pretty much Phase 1 Extremist behaviour.  What have we become where lawful activity can be regarded in this way?

On the plus side, I look forward to ace terrorist George W. Bush being denied a visa in the future.