Well, here’s a turn up for the books – a doping blog entry not specifically about cycling.  I’ve blogged a couple of times about several pro cyclists who’ve tested positive for a new derivative of EPO, CERA.  One of the complaints about the bad press that cycle sport gets for doping is that perhaps it just reflects a higher test rate in cycling than in many other sports.  I find it incredible that other endurance sports have not embraced the benefits of EPO as cycling undoubtedly have.

Of course those dimwit athletes are probably mainlining CERA just as much as their equally dimwitted colleagues in the pro peleton, under the misapprehension that it is undetectable.  Well, I guess they are now thinking again.  A report at the BBC Sports website says that the IOC are gearing up (pardon the pun) to have 5000 samples retested (presumably blood samples, though this isn’t stated in the article).

I await the results with eager anticipation, particularly following the comments from IOC Vice President Thomas Bach aimed squarely at cycling.

Cyclingnews.com also reports that Christian Prudhomme expects further positives, at least one or two.