Ben Goldacre will be familiar to Guardian readers and those (like me) who regularly check up his Bad Science blog.  This book shares much of the subject matter Goldacre covers in his blog: bad science journalism, dodgy medical research, quack medicine and the like.  Goldacre really considers bad science as it applies to medicine and medical research.

Since I’ve not finished this book yet, this is not so much a review as a heads-up that it’s out, available from Amazon (click the image), and that from the chapters I’ve read, it’s a very readable counterblast to dodgy science.  Chapters cover topics such as dodgy health “experts” such as Gillian McKeith and Patrick Holford; media and MMR (and other health scares); CAM “treatments”, and much more.

This will be holiday reading for me – I will update this article in a week or so, but on the basis of the chapters I’ve read so far, it’s an entertaining and informative read.

Publisher: Fourth Estate Ltd (2008) ISBN: 978-0007240197