The Daily Telegraph reports an interview with Prince Charles, that famous organic farmer, where he continues to lambast genetically modified crops.

His criticisms seem to principally concern the mass commercialisation of farming – I guess his interests in organic community farming in Caithness and the Duchy estate prompt this.  However the interview seems to me to be interpreted by the media as a criticism of the GM industry, despite his comments being vague and really quite ill-informed scientifically. To say GM crops are a “gigantic experiment I think with nature and the whole of humanity which has gone seriously wrong” is really unhelpful, with no evidence presented to support his stance.

(I have to confess I had not heard of the Indian “Green Revolution”, but upon reading the wikipedia page about it, it doesn’t seem to me to be such a disaster.)

Taking into account Prince Charles’ public support for quack medicine (see for example comments in the blogosphere summarised here – Google search) and for the Foundation for Integrated Health and presumably the Ofquack quango, it will be disturbing to see his cranky and ill-informed views continue to take hold.  As something of a republican, I am unhappy that in the 21st century a public figure, prominent solely by accident of birth and without real qualification, can gain such public platforms for his luddite views.