This was a particularly tough morning on the F1/25 – perhaps the hardest I can recall, though at least the heavy rain we saw on Saturday did not make a reappearance.

 The initial section, roughly southbound to the Sandy RAB, gave me a little taster for what was to come later on: after descending the sliproad to the A1, it was most definitely going to be tough on both southbound legs. Unfortunately the reverse didn’t seem to the true, while it’s true I was whizzing along with a tailwind after the Sandy RAB (I topped 34mph at times), the benefits of the wind seemed to be absent some of the time.  Presumably this was due to the slightly serpentine nature of the course.  Despite most peoples’ opinion, I’m a bit of an optimist, and usually on days like this I reach the turn think that maybe, just maybe, the return leg won’t be as hard as I expect.  For today’s event, I can safely say the return leg exceeded my direst prognostications.  On some of the more exposed sections, I was battered down below 20mph, and I’m sure I saw 17mph at one point.  (Jason Gurney claimed afterwards to have had to drop to the small ring at one point!).  I was caught by #90 for 3 minutes shortly after the turn, and even he seemed to be struggling into the wind after that.

The helpful organisers has included  a series of signs announcing 4 miles…3 miles…2 miles…1 mile as we approached the finish.  On a day like this, it just made it clear that a sub-hour result was going to be out of the question for me at least.

Most of us were a few minutes back on expectations, and I finished with a disappointing 1:00:52.  On the bright side, however, it did represent a pretty useful workout.

Click here for the results (as pdf).


No Rider Club Time Notes Imp  +/- 
1 James Heaton  Rugby Racing CC   00:55:12    +11:18 
2 David Pollard  In-Gear Quickvit RT   00:55:42    +15:57 
3 Paul Mill  Team Edwards / Elitecycling   00:55:54    +10:36 
4 Jason Gurney  Team Milton Keynes   00:56:12       
5 Garry Brown  Equipe Velo Ecosse   00:56:23    +10:37 
6 Tom Morris  Cambridge Univercity CC   00:56:29       
7 Antony Stapleton  Chelmer CC   00:56:30    +10:30 
8 Stuart Tarry  Team Sanjan Design   00:57:00       
9 James Hawkins  Cambridge Univercity CC   00:57:08       
10 Ken Platts  Cambridge CC   00:57:10    +17:12 
11 Peter Weir  Maidenhead & District CC   00:57:18       
12 Dave Kendall  Finsbury Park CC   00:57:40       
13 Justyn Cannon  RAF CC   00:57:42       
14 Jerry Cross  Manchester Wheelers   00:57:47    +10:44 
15 Thomas Platts  Cambridge CC   00:58:00       
16 Ian Waddilove  Fenland Clarion CC   00:58:02    +13:09 
17 Russell Beedham  Lincoln Wheelers CC   00:58:03       
17 Nicolas English  Reading CC   00:58:03       
19 Julian Smith  Hemel Hempstead CC   00:58:20    +7:40 
20 Graham Waller  Sheffrec CC   00:58:22       
21 Neil Dowie  API Metro   00:58:29    +8:01 
22 Hugh Vivian  Finsbury Park CC   00:58:32    +9:28 
23 Steven Brown  Hemel Hempstead CC   00:58:42       
24 Sam Hayes  Bedfordshire RCC   00:58:50       
25 Mark Simmons  Team Milton Keynes   00:59:40       
26 Richard Webster  Team Welwyn   00:59:55    +6:05 
27 Roger Queen  Icknield RC   01:00:29    +18:26 
28 Andrew Murphy  Haverhill Wheelers   01:00:33       
29 Paul Verlander  M.I. Racing   01:00:40    +5:50 
30 John Golder  Chelmer CC   01:00:41    +13:08 
31 David Newman  Westerly CC   01:00:43       
32 Robert Saunders  North Bucks RC   01:00:52    +9:12 
33 Jason Taylor  VC Lincoln   01:00:53       
34 Ian Brazier  Verulam CC   01:00:56    +8:06 
35 Avril Swan (Miss)  Team Thule   01:01:34  LV    +9:01 
36 Kev Hardwick  Team Just Racing   01:01:46       
37 Tony May  North Road CC   01:01:57    +9:10 
38 John Iszatt  API Metro   01:01:59    +8:36 
39 Pete Hyland  Kent Cycles RC   01:02:24    +10:52 
40 Danuta Tinn (Mrs)  Maidenhead & District CC   01:02:29  LV    +9:10 
41 Ian Markham  Team Sanjan Design   01:02:32       
42 Andrew Robson  Warwickshire RC   01:02:36       
43 Paul Davis  St Ives CC   01:02:44    +4:16 
44 Steve Freeman  Chelmer CC   01:02:49    +6:13 
45 Michael Harborne  Warwickshire RC   01:02:59    +16:21 
46 Malcolm Church  Fenland Clarion CC   01:03:05    +14:06 
47 Claire Lee (Ms)  Science in   01:03:11     
48 Carole Gandy (Mrs)  Kent Cycles RC   01:03:12  LV    +20:32 
49 Clifford Grant  High Wycombe CC   01:03:20    +14:25 
50 Dean Fuller  Camel Valley CC   01:03:31  JR     
51 Terry Beedham  Lincoln Wheelers CC   01:03:31    +15:59 
52 Mark Steers  Hainault RC   01:03:31    +4:29 
53 Alex Eason  Chelmer CC   01:03:33       
54 Clayton Knight  Shaftesbury CC   01:03:38    +5:35 
55 Catherine Essex (Miss)  Kings Lynn CC   01:03:44     
56 Vince Dey  Westerly CC   01:03:56    +10:26 
57 David Earl  Hastings & St Leonards CC   01:04:05    +1:55 
58 Barry Page  Hertfordshire Wheelers   01:04:06    +6:29 
59 Michael Gowan  Festival RC   01:04:08    +15:22 
60 Michelle Ayres (Mrs)  South Bucks RC   01:04:23  LV    +9:59 
61 Vic Butler  Eastbourne Rovers CC   01:04:35    +14:55 
62 Lee Fuller  Camel Valley CC   01:04:59       
63 Alan Crane  Team Sanjan Design   01:05:20       
64 Justin Browne  Glendene CC   01:05:31    0:00:54   
65 Phil Smithhurst  North Notts Olympic   01:05:41    +10:56 
66 Viv Slack (Miss)  Manchester Wheelers   01:06:22     
67 Andrew Ilsley  A5 Rangers CC   01:06:26       
68 Eric Angell  Redbridge CC   01:06:37    +9:26 
69 Louise Schuller (Ms)  Finsbury Park CC   01:06:43  LV    +7:06 
70 Murray Kirton  A5 Rangers CC   01:07:08    +13:33 
71 Lance Woodman  Archer RC   01:07:25    +3:42 
72 Trevor Parrish  A5 Rangers CC   01:07:45    +11:10 
73 Melanie Conibear (Miss)  Hemel Hempstead CC   01:07:53     
74 Arja Scarsbrook (Mrs)  Team Echelon   01:08:38  LV    +12:39 
75 Tony Clarke  Team Cambridge   01:08:50    +6:39 
76 Sue Clarke (Mrs)  Team Cambridge   01:13:02  LV    +2:27 
77 Debbie Knott (Ms)  Hemel Hempstead CC   01:17:00     
78 Tim Somers  FVS TRI   01:19:19    -10:48 
79 Gail Summerlin (Mrs)  Leicester RC   01:32:40  LV    -8:18 
  Birgit Scott (Mrs)  Fenland Clarion CC     DNF     
  Andrew Bright  Team Sanjan Design     DNF     
  Nicolas Pitt  Team Sanjan Design     DNF     
  Alan Kidd  Team Cambridge     DNF     
  John Royle  Fenland Clarion CC     DNF     
  Stephen Butterworth  St Ives CC     DNF     
  Ben Friend  Clarence Wheelers     DNS APP     
  Clifford Tremaine (Tric)  Kettering CC     DNS APP     
  Tim Day  Bournmouth Jubilee Wheelers     DNS APP     
  Rik Middleton  Coventry CC     DNS APP     
  Helen Boatman (Miss)  Team Milton Keynes     DNS APP     
  Claire Day (Mrs)  Bournmouth Jubilee Wheelers     DNS APP     
  Corinna Francis (Miss)  Chelmer CC     DNS APP     
  Neill Coventry     DNS APP     
  Stuart Clarke  Chelmer CC     DNS APP     
  Ed Rieu  Sydenham Wheelers     DNS APP     
  Richard Simmonds  London Dynamo     DNS APP     
  Mark Cook  Planet X RT     DNS APP     
  Gavin Shaw  Manx Viking Wheelers     DNS APP     
  Dave Devine  Bath RC     DNS     
  Samantha Jenkins (Mrs)  Bedfordshire RCC     DNS     
  Robert Frowen  Banbury Star CC     DNS     
  Tony Parks  North Bucks RC     DNS     
  Preston Anderson  Wigmore CC     DNS     
  Andre Dyason  PCA Ciclos Uno        
  Christopher Greig  High Wycombe CC     DNS     
  Kevin Gill  PCA Ciclos Uno     DNS     
  Colin Whitechurch  Ely & District CC     DNS     
  Mark Burnham  Coventry RC     DNS     
  Garth Evans  Eagle RC     DNS     
  Richard Kelsey  Maldon & District CC     DNS     
  Ian Short  Hainault RC     DNS     
  Antony Bee  Kent Cycles RC     DNS     
  Paul Godfrey  Hainault RC     DNS     
  B Botfield  Beacon RCC     DNS     
  Paul Callinan  London Dynamo     DNS     

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