reports that Emanuele Sella (Team CSF Group Navigare), who won three stages and the King of the Moutains in the 2008 Giro d’Italia, has tested positive for the latest formulation of EPO, CERA.  CERA is the same stuff that Ricco (second placed in the 2008 Giro overall) tested positive for in the Tour de France.

CERA seems to be the endurance athlete’s dope of choice at the moment, presumably due to rumours that it was less easily detected. The Olympics start in two days – I wonder how many athletes, of all disciplines, will be collared.

In other sports, dopers are being caught as well – the entire Bulgarian weightlifting team has been withdrawn for steroid use, and the Greek weightlifting team similarly has some B samples come up positive. Two Russian walkers test positive for EPO, and a Russion cyclist has "abnormal" blood reading and has been dropped from the Olympic team.  Several other Russians have been banned, amidst accusations of systematic doping.

It’s going to be a vintage year for those of us who enjoy seeing drug cheats exposed.