Suicide – Dream Baby Dream

Back in 1978 I happened upon a HiFi magazine’s review of the first Suicide album.  Being a HiFi magazine, it was pretty scathing about the record.  However, this being 1978, and in the white heat of the post-punk period, I was of course intrigued by this review, and bought the UK release of the LP (it has a slightly different track listing than the US version).  It’s now availableon the Grey Area label (I think a sub-label of Mute).  The CD version I have has some early live recordings, including the infamous Brussels gig where they get driven off stage by an excessivley hostile crowd.

Suicide’s minimalist electronic music certainly seemed to alienate people, but turns out to have been genuinely influential – in turn one can see the influences on Suicide from Silver Apples  Alan Vega (vocals) and Martin Rev (keyboards).

For me, the best Suicide material is to be found on the first LP, and also in the early recordings.  There’s an interesting (though rather low-fi) set of 6 CDs of gigs recorded in 1977-1978 that has recently been released.

More about Suicide at Wikipedia.

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