Slightly more than 12h after the Herts Wh 10, I lined up at the start of the Hemel Hempstead 25 on the F13/25 course, which runs from Launton to Aylesbury and back.  It’s an undulating course, that I’ve always found a little hard. This event was no exception, while the wind had abated slightly from the previous evening, some horrible showers were passing through.

At the time I started, the rain had stopped, and for the most part I only had the wind and drizzle to cope with.  The course isn’t particularly quick at the best of times, but with the strong wind coming from the side (but enough of a head wind on the way out to make the return leg a little more pleasant) it was made even hard.  Coupled with this, I don’t think my legs had recovered particularly well from the previous evening’s event!

I got clobbered by a heavy shower for the last 10 minutes or so.  After making my way back to the HQ in Launton, I discivered why the hall had foam mats laid down: they’d inadvertantly double-booked the hall with a group of small children doing judo!

I ended up with 59:31 for 5th place.  At least I beat the tandem!  Tony did 57:42 for second place, while our club mates brought up the rear, with new member David Skeggs pipping Dave Garrard for Lanterne Rouge (and a bottle of wine!) while setting a PB for 25 miles (it was his first 25!).


No Rider Club Time Notes
1 Adam Topham  High Wycombe CC (IT Professionals)   00:55:58 
2 Tony Parks  North Bucks CC   00:57:42 
3 Gavin Atkins  Hemel Hempstead CC   00:58:21 
4 John French  Bath CC   00:58:56 
5 Robert Saunders  North Bucks CC   00:59:31 
6 Conor Dunne  Hemel Hempstead CC   00:59:53 
7 Paul Davis  St Ives   01:00:12 
8 Ian Brazier  Verulam CC   01:00:16 
9 Tony May  North Road CC   01:01:21 
10 Keith Fletcher  Hemel Hempstead CC   01:01:32 
11 Malcolm Steer  Finsbury Park CC   01:02:27 
12 Nicholas Hay  Verulam CC   01:02:28 
13 John Bourton  Bicester Millennium CC   01:02:29 
14 Tom Silverlock  Hemel Hempstead CC   01:02:46 
15 Malcolm Ash  Aylesbury CC   01:02:55 
16 Mike Bannister  Hemel Hempstead CC   01:03:03 
17 John Lacey  Hemel Hempstead CC   01:03:58 
18 Vince Dey  Westerley CC   01:05:02 
19 Stuart Simmonds  Lewes Wanderers CC   01:05:07 
20 Brian Foran  Lampard RC   01:06:28 
21 Melanie Conibear  Hemel Hempstead CC   01:08:04 
22 Dave Garrard  North Bucks CC   01:11:35 
23 David Skeggs  North Bucks CC   01:11:56 
  John Bevan  MI Racing (EAS Thule)     DNF 
  Michael Richardson  Icknield RC (Compomotive Wheels)     DNF 
  Steven Brown  Hemel Hempstead CC     DNF 
  Nigel Goffin  Hemel Hempstead CC     DNS Apol 
  Arthur Frost   Newbury RC     DNS Apol 
  John Pfeifer  Icknield RC (Compomotive Wheels)     DNS Apol 
  Phil Moss  Hemel Hempstead CC     DNS Apol 
  Gillian Reynolds  Willesden CC     DNS 
  Duncan Smith  High Wycombe CC (IT Professionals)     DNS Apol 
  Andrew Murray  Hemel Hempstead CC     DNS Apol 
  Charles Jepson  Becontree Wheelers     DNS 
  Keith Richardson  Mildenhall CC     DNS Apol 
  Les Church  Camel Valley C&TC (Dales Renault)     DNS 
  Lance Woodman  Archer RC     DNS 
  Joanna Spragg  Aylesbury CC     DNS Apol 
  Dave Devine  Bath CC     DNS 
  Peter Anstey  Welwyn Wheelers     DNS 
  Robert Blackmore  Icknield RC (Compomotive Wheels)     DNS 
  Robert Frowen  Banbury Star CC     DNS Apol 
  Moira Goodway  Banbury Star CC