It’s been some time since I commented on the dreadful Phorm system of deep packet inspection, and BT’s intention to use the Phorm system to snoop on your browsing habits and supply targeted advertising.  (Recall that Phorm are a known spyware maker – in their previous incarnation of 121Media).

Alexander Hanff, who has made a series of appearances on the media to make robust criticisms of the system has posted a detailed description here. The day that BT implement this, I will leave them for another (Phorm-free) ISP.

BT Retail, who manage the ISP business have behaved quite appallingly over the matter, ignoring (and even trying so suppress) discussion on their forums –  all the signs are that they are holding fire until the furore dies down.  We should all try to ensure that this doesn’t die down.  Visit BadPhorm for more information.