Religion and Science to be kept separate in Southampton

Recent reports indicated that schools in Hampshire were receiving inappropriate guidance regarding the teaching of religious belief, principally creationism, within science classes (BBC News – Schools get advice on creationism).  It appears a rethink has taken place judging from a report in (Councillors agree to keep Creationism out of science lessons in Southampton).

SOUTHAMPTON councillors have agreed that God should be kept out of the science classroom.

They backed a motion demanding science and religion should continue to be taught separately.

It comes as 70 Hampshire secondary schools have been issued advice on how to teach 11 to 14-year-olds creationism alongside Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Unfortunately, it sounds as though this merely reflects an oasis of rationality within the county – one hopes this will extend beyond Southampton.  Educators should be clearly informed about this – There is no place for religiously-motivated medieval claptrap in Science classes.