Alfred Russel Wallace’s Letter from Ternate

I was idly perusing my rss feeds last week, when an article at The Dispersal of Darwin website (Hand-printed, hand-bound book about Wallace, Darwin, and natural selection) caught my eye. There are two attractive features: firstly, the physical attributes – this is a delightful hand-printed book – and secondly, the material in the book is of

Birney, ENCODE and 80%

T. Ryan Gregory has posted a transcript of a BBC Radio 4 programme featuring ENCODE’s Ewan Birney – he discusses the 80% functional genome flap (BBC interview with Ewan Birney | Genomicron). You can hear the original broadcast. It’s just a shame they puffed up the 80% claim in the first place.

On the gain of genes and gene function

On the gain of genes and gene function Michael Behe recently published a review article in the Quarterly Review of Biology entitled Experimental evolution, loss-of-function mutations, and “the first rule of adaptive evolution” (subscription required), which consists largely of a review of laboratory experiments addressing the adaptive response of microorganisms to simple environmental changes. Behe

Creationists misrepresent science. Again.

The Institute for Creation Research reveal their scientific illiteracy. In a recent blog posting (No Fruit Fly Evolution Even after 600 Generations), Institute for Creation Research ‘science’ writer Brian Thomas misinterprets (deliberately or otherwise) two classic experiments in genetics, and one that has been recently published.  The ICR website doesn’t permit commenting, presumably to exclude

Origins in a tweet?

The Theos think tank invites entries in a competition to summarise The Origin of Species in a tweet:  Darwin’s Origin of Species evolves to a Tweet.  Whether this turns out to be a good thing is probably rather moot!  Theos say: Fans of Britain’s most famous scientist are being asked to encapsulate the over 600-page

Evolution in 120 seconds

Discover magazine ran a competition for videos which explained evolution in two minutes (The Winner: Evolution in Two Minutes, or less).  PZ Myers (Pharyngula) appears to have been involved in judging the entries (and you can see him in a video there).  The video below isn’t the winner, but it’s the “Peoples’ Choice”, and the

Creationist zoo causes dismay in the ranks of the humanists

I’ve always thought of zoological gardens with larger establishments in mind – such as the Zoological Society of London’s Regents Park Zoo, or the Edinburgh Zoo, and expected these respectable zoos to act as sources of information about animals from around the world.  Of course there’s plenty of scope for rather more specialised zoos, such