Looking forward to the Christian Party’s “proof”!

So it appears that the loopy Christian Party have coughed up for a riposte to the Atheist bus adverts, as previously promised.  Apparently the text reads: “There definitely is a God. So join the Christian Party and enjoy your life.”  Which is of course interesting – I look forward to hearing George’s proof that there is indeed a bearded sky dude looking over us.  Or indeed any Invisible Magic Friend.

In the meantime, reports indicate that the Christian party offices got their windows broken (Christian Party offices trashed after bus adverts).  It’s not clear to me from this and other reports on the internet quite why this is thought to be a reaction to the bus adverts and not just to the Christian Party per se and their batty policies, but I suppose one might not expect a bunch of fundamentalists to have the best understanding of cause and coincidence.

The Christian Party

The other day, I blogged about the Christian Party’s latest response to the atheist bus (The Christian Party is still upset by the Atheist bus…), linking this to the bizarre situation regarding the BBC’s “Thought for the Day”.  I noticed from the brief biography of George Hargreaves that he leads the Christian Party, so I moseyed over to their web page for a quick squizz.  And I can’t say this is a political party that should represent a multicultural, multifaith and largely secular society.  I have been unable to identify any policies other than to defend christian beliefs and values (the website is liberally peppered with biblical quotations), and to “resist the tide of secularism and immorality that is destroying our country”.  I think there’s a clear message there that George Hargreaves thinks secularism = immorality. Continue reading “The Christian Party”