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I thought I’d add a note about the scripts that run on this blog.  Often, WP plugins carry with them tracking scripts.  One has to balance whether the value they add for the site user and the site owner outweighs the privacy issues they may raise.  I thought it best to point out the scripts I have identified that are running on this site.

I advise Firefox users to download Ghostery, a plugin which identifies tracking scripts running on a website.  It provides links to further information on those scripts, the vendors’ privacy policy, and offers the option to block these scripts.  Noscript is a powerful Firefox plugin that allows blocking of a wide variety of scripts (and is particularly aimed at blocking malicious scripts).

Ghostery identifies the following running on Wonderful Life:

Quantcast – this is associated with the IntenseDebate commenting plugin.  Blocking this tracker with Ghostery doesn’t appear to affect the functionality of IntenseDebate.

MyBlogLog – This is associated with the MyBlogLog widget in the main page.

Google Analytics – Possibly the most widely used tracker on the web.  I kind of figure that anyone using the web will encounter sites using Google Analytics.  Iy can be blocked with Ghostery.


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