Why the Everyday Champions Church’s Free School bid was rejected.

The British Humanist Association reveals why the Everyday Champions Church’s bid for a Free School was rejected (Everyday Champions Church Free School bid rejected due to creationism).  As the title of that blog article indicates, it was pretty much down to the ECC’s stance on creationism.  The Church’s leader, Pastor Gareth Morgan, made it pretty

Christian Legal Centre in bully mode (NSS)

Here’s a detailed overview from the National Secular Society about the latest claims of victimisation of Christians (Christian Legal Centre goes into bully mode as doctor claims religious persecution) that I blogged about recently.  Apparently the doctor’s practice requires to to actively opt-out from their evangelising.  This is even openly stated on an NHS website. 

Goodwill to all…

Season’s greetings to the victimised former Archbishop The Rev Dr Peter Hearty of the excellent ‘Platitude of the Day‘ website is clearly concerned that former Archbish Carey is rather upset at the (supposed) continued victimisation of christians in the UK*.  He thinks we should send Christmas cards to the poor old soul. It’s been suggested

Being Christian doesn’t bring with it the right to discriminate

More grumblings from Christian Concern for Our Nation (More registrars under pressure due to homosexual civil partnerships – CCFON.org – Christian Concern For Our Nation), who seem to suffer from the delusion that their religious beliefs entitle them to discriminate against specific sectors of our population (thereby breaking the law).  Unfortunately the CCfON website doesn’t