Young Earth Creationism can’t be disproved? Really?

In Scottish Parliament  Motion S4M-12149, John Mason MSP makes a somewhat surprising assertion:

Motion S4M-12149: John Mason, Glasgow Shettleston, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 23/01/2015

Creationism and Evolution

That the Parliament notes that South Lanarkshire Council has issued guidance concerning the appointment and input of chaplains and religious organisations in schools; understands that some people believe that God created the world in six days, some people believe that God created the world over a longer period of time and some people believe that the world came about without anyone creating it; considers that none of these positions can be proved or disproved by science and all are valid beliefs for people to hold, and further considers that children in Scotland’s schools should be aware of all of these different belief systems.

I guess this is in response to South Lanarkshire Council’s admirably clear position on preventing undue evangelical influence on its schoolchildren (see Reining in creationists; South Lanarkshire, repenting past mistakes, leads the way). But really, Mr Mason? Do you genuinely think that Young Earth Creationism cannot be demonstrated to be inconsistent with geological and biological evidence?

If Mr Mason is taking this odd position, would he be able to clarify which deity he’s talking about? Presumably various people believe any one of a variety of deities did the creation bit. For my part, I see no evidence that supports the existence of the supernatural and prefer an evidence-based explanation (which does of course include the admission that there are many things about which we don’t yet have an answer).

According to Wikipedia, John Mason studied Accountancy at University, and is a Baptist.

Update –

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