What is Intelligent Design, actually?

Casey Luskin of the Discovery Institute seems a bit exercised about some of the criticism levelled at Stephen Meyer’s latest creationist tome over at Amazon. The Discotute boys don’t really like comments on their writing (hence there is no commenting at the bizarrely named Evolution News & Views website). So he’s written some rubbish about how Intelligent Design creationism is really science and not creationism.

Anyhow, the Sensuous Curmudgeon has dismantled Luskin’s article quite neatly (Casey Luskin: “What Is Intelligent Design?”), with clear reference to the Discotute’s founding document encapsulating their Wedge Strategy – unfortunately for the Discovery Institute (and their Glasgow-based wannabees, C4ID), the true history of their cynical rebranding of creationism is exposed in their own documents for the world to see. Well worth a perusal.


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