Michael Gove and Free School Extremists

Michael Gove: "no wackoidal theories"

Here’s a bizarre story from the Daily Express (Express.co.uk – Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Ex-spies to root out fanatics in classroom).  Seems as though Michael Gove is sufficiently worried about Islamic extremists that he’s established a gang of ex-MI5 agents to keep tabs on some of the products of his stupid Free Schools policy.

“I’ve been crystal clear we should not have schools set up by extremists whether they’re Christian fundamentalists,Islamic fundamentalists or any other sort of outrageous and beyond-the-pale organisation.  We’ve set up a unit within the Department explicitly to monitor anyone who comes forward with a proposal for extremism.  It’s more rigorous in the allocation of public money than any previous government department.  In the last government, we had money going to extremist groups that was supposed to go to fight terrorism. Now we have a unit in place to prevent that.”

I wonder how he classes the Everyday Champions; proposal for a Free School?  You know, the church that plans to run a school with seriously defective science education…

Mr Gove also said believers in fringe scientific movements such as “creationism” which rejects Darwin’s theory of evolution were banned from setting up schools.  He said: “I’m passionate about science and I’m determined to make sure our country becomes more cohesive. I’ve said we will not sign any funding agreements with these organisations.  More than that, we are reviewing the science curriculum, the national curriculum overall, to make sure there’s no space for the teaching of wackoidal theories.”

Mind you, the article does read more like a spoof news site than a national newspaper…what’s with the “…anyone who comes forward with a proposal for extremism” and “…there’s no space for the teaching of wackoidal theories”?  Did a Government minister really use the phrase “wackoidal theories?  And if that’s true, how come the Everyday Champions’ proposal got as far as an interview?



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