Evangelical School to go ahead?

A slightly confused story at the Daily Mail online (Evangelical church application to set up new free school where it will teach creationism is approved) seems to suggest that the ridiculous idea that a bunch of evangelical christians are responsible enough to the trusted to run a school has been accepted by the Government.

An evangelical church with creationism at the heart of its belief system has been given outline approval to run a free school.

An application by the Everyday Champions Church, based in Newark, Nottinghamshire, has been accepted by the Department for Education.

The church intends to teach the biblical belief that God created the world in six days, but evolution will only be taught as a ‘theory’.

That isn’t education, it’s teaching stupidity.

Anyway, it may be that the article is being a bit premature – accepting an application isn’t the same as approving an application, and the article goes on to say:

Now it has emerged that a panel of civil servants interviewed Everyday Champions Church leaders last week after their initial application was approved. It is not known if they agreed to drop plans to teach creationism.

Officials told the Daily Telegraph they could not comment on the application but each one would be treated with ‘due diligence.’

Meanwhile the church’s leader, is quoted as saying:

‘Creationism will be embodied as a belief at the Everyday Champions Academy but will not be taught in the sciences. Similarly, evolution will be taught as a theory.’

Clearly the typical ignorant and scientifically illiterate creationist then.  Will the kids be taught alternatives to theories such as the Theory of Gravity?

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