Intelligent Design summer school speakers

I notice that the Centre for Intelligent Design is ramping up the publicity for their ID Summer School, which I’ve blogged about recently. This publicity includes some video clips of the speakers in action (at the moment, Jonathan Wells and Steve Fuller have videos up).  They are quite interesting for their content, which makes me wonder on what basis they were chosen.  I guess they were abstracted from longer videos.

Dr Dr Jonathan Wells, who has a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology and a PhD in Religious Studies, is a member of Revd Moon’s Unification Church (these are the “Moonies” that were much portrayed in the press as predatory cultists back in the 1970s), and is a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute. His video clip has him saying we just don’t know how we could get from a jellyfish to a trilobite or a fish, saying evolution is just dogma.  Interestingly, in this clip he does say that he doesn’t believe the jellyfish are the ancestors of trilobites or of fish.  Well, neither do I, but I suspect my reasons for not believing this are a bit different from his.

Professor Steve Fuller is a sociologist at the University of Warwick.  He testified at the famous Kitzmiller vs Dover Area School Board court case in the USA (at which the judgement, which cited his testimony, was firmly against Intelligent Design as a credible scientific theory).  The video clip here is quite bizarre, and looks as if it’s a section taken during the question and answer session from a lecture, comprising a very animated but weird argument along the lines of evolution being only a theory.  That old canard again.

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