New pro-creationism Free School proposed

Hot on the heels of a report that Government control over curriculum may not extend the the new “Free Schools” (Teaching of evolution in school science under new threat | British Humanist Association), comes news of a Creationism church in school bid (AP).  Apparently Everyday Champions Church (based in Newark, Nottinghamshire ), who believe that the Bible is God’s Word, accurate, authoritative and applicable to everyday lives are proposing to set up one of these ‘Free Schools’.  On the subject of free schools, the BHA post observes:

Despite past assurances to the contrary, the Education Secretary Rt Hon Michael Gove MP has said that applications to set up state-funded ‘free schools’ from creationist groups ‘would be considered’. The BHA’s chief executive Andrew Copson has condemned any teaching of creationism and intelligent design in science lessons, and has said that changes such as these to the school system creates a new threat to the teaching of evolution in schools.

The BHA also comment that  the “new ‘free schools’ and academies do not have to teach the national curriculum, so the scant assurances from the government that religious myths have no place in the science curriculum will not even apply to potentially thousands of schools”.

This one will run and run.  Michael Gove has announced a consultation on the content of the National Curriculum. That might eb interesting.

4 thoughts on “New pro-creationism Free School proposed

  1. Seriously – a creationist school – in the UK! I'll be fireing off my immigration papers if this one goes through.

    How does Gove sleep at night? In the "ban bigots from schools" article he bangs on about how he wants to keep extremists from our state schools – happily forgetting to mention that he was going to let them start up there own instead. Creep.

    1. Of course the proposed school operators are being a bit cagey about how they'd deal with teaching evolution, at least according to other reports. But why are 'Free Schools' exempt from the National Curriculum?

  2. There is a discussion of this proposed free school over at the British Centre for Science Education forum <a href="http:// (” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://(” target=”_blank”>(
    Note also the Scottish Parliament proposing to cut school weeks to four days and delay kids joining school till they are six in a bid to save money <a href="http:// (” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://(” target=”_blank”>(
    Another voice criticising Gove’s free school policy:

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