C4ID, Intelligent Design and Creationism

Is C4ID run by Creationists?

Since the launch of the Centre for Intelligent Design, it has been interesting to look at the religious beliefs of its President, Vice-President and Director, in the context of C4ID’s assertion that Intelligent Design is science and not creationism.  This is a position somewhat negated by the Wedge Strategy document, which clearly reveals that ID is essentially a subterfuge by the Discovery Institute specifically intended to insert creationist teaching into US schools.

Dr Alastair Noble, C4ID’s Director, has a number of past and present interests in both religious and educational groups (and indeed, these often intersect).  For example in his work with CARE for Scotland (CARE is Christian Action Research and Education – Dr Noble is the Education Officer), he produced a briefing document ahead of the May 2007 Scottish and local elections explaining the relationship between the Bible and a christian’s political activity.

Christians and Politics
Alistair Noble, CARE for Scotland Education Officer, has compiled a list of material exploring the Biblical basis for Christians and their involvement in the political system. Suitable for small group study or for sermons – five units and discussion questions.  Download it here (PDF).

The document, entitled ‘Bible study / sermon material on the theme of ‘Christians and politics’, and compiled by Dr Noble*, we read:

The opening chapters of Genesis set out God’s purpose for His creation and for those who inhabit it. God’s ‘creation mandate’ clearly demands that we get involved with the world around us.
Human beings, male and female, are created ‘in the image of God’ (chap 1 vs26—27). We represent the pinnacle of God’s creation. It is not our size that determines our status – actually we are quite insignificant – but our relationship with God. As humans, we are all significant to God, no matter what value society places on us. Human dignity is given to us by God – regardless of age, health or aptitude.

Dr Noble is clearly happy to push Biblical creationism, and given his colleagues in C4ID, Professor Nevin and Dr David Galloway seem to have literalist Biblical views, one wonders what motivation they may have in leading C4ID’s promotion of Intelligent Design.  Or is C4ID wrong to claim that Intelligent Design is not Creationism?

*Interestingly, though the pdf credits Dr Noble as ‘compiler’, the pdf appears to have been generated from a Word document entitled ‘BibleStudy Notes.doc’ authored by Bill Baird.  Bill Baird is the Manager of CARE for Scotland.  Or perhaps Dr Noble and Mr Baird merely shared a PC.

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