Michael Behe Tour hits Glasgow 23rd November

Letter from C4ID Director and Vice President ‘economical with the truth’

I notice that Newton Mearns Baptist Church has a note about Michael Behe’s upcoming gig in Glasgow on 23rd November (Darwin or Design).  They’ve featured a letter from two of the prime movers in the Centre for Intelligent Design, Director Alastair Noble and Vice President David Galloway (link – pdf).  As one might expect from the organisers of this tour, it’s a little economical with the truth.  Unfortunately the reader is not permitted to leave comments at the website.

Much of the discussion is centred on what the scientific message is perceived to be. The notion that a purposeless and essentially chance based explanation might be the best fit explanation for the origin and diversity of life on earth is widespread. However the fact that the living world bears the evident hallmarks of design has been given global impetus by the work of several influential scientists and academics. One of these, Prof Michael Behe (biochemist and author of the bestselling books “Darwin’s Black Box and “The Edge of Evolution”) has often been attacked for his views that an intelligent source is the most plausible explanation for the empirical science. His arguments have however, never been refuted.

Actually, every one of his arguments has been refuted, Intelligent Design has been shown to be creationism in disguise and in no way science.

The portrayal of Intelligent Design as a scientific alternative to evolutionary biology not only flies in the face of over 150 years of scientific investigation  but is merely a cynical strategy on the part of creationists to infiltrate American public schools, and one which looks as though it may be inflicted on the Scottish school system.

Fortunately the British Centre for Science Education has prepared a handy list of ten (plus one) questions to ask Professor Behe during his tour of the UK.  It’s a huge shame that the members of Newton Mearns Baptist Church may not be exposed to the reality of Behe’s distortion of science.

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