Centre for Intelligent Design: the Guernsey connection

The recently launched Centre for Intelligent Design (C4ID) has as its guiding lights three evangelical christians, and is notionally based in Glasgow.  It does however have a base in Guernsey.  I note an article in The Guernsey Press entitled “No Place for ID in Today’s Thinking“, which reveals a little more about the Guernsey connection.  This opinion piece begins:

AS A practising lawyer and former conseiller, Advocate John Langlois is no stranger to controversy or to putting his head above the parapet. Yet his trusteeship and support for the Guernsey-based Centre of Intelligent Design will have raised many eyebrows.

For while today’s ID may be a reworked and rebranded offering, it is still creationism at heart and has no place in today’s understanding of the universe or – as Advocate Langlois is demanding – the education of local children.

So we have a name associated with the Guernsey connection: presumably a way for C4ID to funnel funds from somewhere in  tax-effective manner (and possibly conceal those transactions – at least that is suggested in the comments following the article).  One wonders what controversies the author of the opinion piece alleges Langlois has been associated with in the past, and what role he’s playing in C4ID.

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