Centre for Intelligent Design: “Inevitable” that ID will reach schools

The Centre for Intelligent Design is certainly making the news.  The latest to come to my attention is an article in The Herald (Would you Adam and Eve it? Top scientists tell Scottish pupils: the Bible is true).  The article begins

They are among Scotland’s most eminent scientists, they believe the world was created in six days and women were made from Adam’s rib …and they’re coming to a school near you.

A new creationist group that preaches the “scientific” theory of intelligent design has set up in Glasgow with the stated aim of promoting its beliefs to schools and colleges.

but fails to point out that of the three backers, only two could remotely be considered “eminent”, and that their unifying characteristic is their religious belief and background as lay preachers.  What’s most worrying is the clear agenda to get their religious Intelligent Design pseudoscience into schools.

The group’s director, Dr Alastair Noble, told the Sunday Herald it was “inevitable” the debate would make its way into schools – even though the Scottish Government says teachers should not regard intelligent design as science.

“We are definitely not targeting schools, but that doesn’t mean to say we may not produce resources that go to schools,” Dr Noble said, adding that he had already been asked to speak in Scottish schools, and agreed to do so.

The Herald points out that the three main figures at the helm hold fundamentalist religious views which explain their desire to promote the existence of a “Designer” (we might as well refer to this supernatural entity as the christian god).  It’s interesting to note that the Herald observes that C4ID President Professor Norman Nevin OBE truly believes in the literal truth of Genesis, a belief rather at odds with C4ID’s claim to take a scientific approach to ID.

One thought on “Centre for Intelligent Design: “Inevitable” that ID will reach schools

  1. If they are definatly not targeting schools – why are they making material which they hope will go there and are going to speak there? That is totally ludicrous. Do the parents of children at these schools know what is going on – foundless fundamentalism.

    Also I think we need to try and convince people to stop referring to these guys as scientists. For a start there is no scientific debate on this issue, the claims they make are not scientific and have been thoroughly de-bunked elsewhere. Secondly, on of the VP’s believes in fire and brimstone 6 day creationism. I’m not saying you cannot be a scientist and religious, but as a scientist you cannot ignore the substantial and overwhelming evidence against this as a literal and historical event – let alone one considered as eminent.

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